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Get Impact Resistant Windows in Stuart, FL

Some of our impact resistant windows in Stuart, FL

Preparing for Hurricane Season

The best way to prepare for hurricane season is to start early. Make sure your home is well protected and reinforced, and stock up on emergency supplies for you and your family. Because although most hurricanes won’t reach a five on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, you never know when one will. At Monterey Glass Specialists, we’ve worked hard to produce top-of-the-line impact resistant glass that can endure level 5 hurricanes and wind speeds of up to 157 mph. Rest easy this hurricane season by preparing today.

Doors and Windows

Impact resistant doors and windows provide your home with additional strength and security during extreme weather conditions. The simple act of installing our specialized impact resistant glass could make a big difference during hurricane season and keep your home from being heavily damaged. Choose to protect your home and prepare early.

Safety Glass

Glass that has been reinforced by being tempered or laminated is referred to as safety glass. These processes of reinforcing glass help to make it less likely to break under extreme conditions. When it comes down to it, safety glass is meant to keep you safer. It’s that simple. Contact our office to find out more about our safety glass options.
frameless shower

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Take your remodel to the next level. Sleek and elegant, frameless glass shower doors add class to any bathroom. These custom-made shower doors provide a beautiful, cleaner alternative to shower curtains, which tend to collect dirt and bacteria. With a minimized mold risk, your shower will be cleaner than ever before. Contact us today and request a quote.
Investing in impact resistant doors means investing in your future. You can prepare to face hurricane season by contacting us today and requesting a quote.