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Using Glass And Mirrors To Elevate Your Dinner Party

Protected Glass Table in Dinner Party
Dinner parties are a time for you and your guests to enjoy good food and good company. However, you may want to add some flair to your party so it conveys a different ambience than a family meal. Glass and mirrors create a sense of sophistication. Utilize custom glass and mirrors to elevate the feeling of your next dinner party.
Custom Serving Trays
The centerpiece of your dinner party is, of course, dinner. You can elevate the ambience of your dinner party by ordering customized serving trays.
First, choose a glass or mirror style that appeals to you. Both glass and mirror sheets come in numerous pattern and finish options. Both can be frosted or distressed. You can also choose etched, patterned, or colored glass. In that vein, you'll also want to choose a glass edging style, ranging from simple bevel to ornate ogee.
Next, choose a shape and purpose. The shape is entirely up to you, but should match the purpose. Generally speaking, geometric shapes tend to be more elegant. However, your glass specialists can cut glass or mirrors into freeform shapes as well. The purpose in this case is to serve food. However, that purpose can be accomplished in a variety of ways. For example, you may want a tray you can pass around or one you can leave on the table.
Finally, if you're going to carry the tray, you'll want to choose the handles. You can also opt to have the tray constructed into a partial box, with handles cut into the sides.
Candles in a Mirror
Mirrors are a common décor item for the dining room. Adding mirrors expands a space and increases the light that is present in the room.
Along those lines, if you already have a mirror installed in your dining room, find a way to have it reflect candles. If the mirror is above a mantle or plate rack, you can simply place the candles in front of the mirror. However, if there's no convenient shelf in front of the mirror, place the candles somewhere else where their flickering light will be reflected.
You can also have a custom table runner made out of a mirror panel. The process is similar to designing a custom serving tray. Once it's complete, you'll place it in the center of the table and top it with a candle display. This display can include candle holders and other décor pieces as well as the candles. Ensure the candlelight is well-reflected.
Mirrored Serving Station
Candlelight isn't the only thing you might want to double up on. You can create an attractive display by reflecting the food. Many hosts place food on a buffet in case guests want second helpings. Consider having a mirror installed perpendicular to the buffet. You could also prop a decorative mirror against the wall just for the party.
Besides making the food seem more plentiful, such a display allows you to show off your servingware and the way you've plated the food. Your guests will be able to see the dishes from different angles. Not only does this display the beauty of your display, but it also allows guests to even see the food in the back.
Glass-Protected Table
If you have a wooden table, you should protect it with a glass top. Even highly polished wood is susceptible to staining and scratching. Naturally, you don't want to spend your entire dinner party worried about guests ruining your wooden table.
Many homeowners have expandable wooden tables. In that case, you may need two protective glass tops. One will fit the table without the leaf inserts. The other should fit the table with the inserts. Many tables come with one or two inserts. Have the glass top fitted for when the table is at its longest to accommodate your biggest dinner parties.
Create a chic dinner party atmosphere with custom-cut mirrors and glass. Monterey Glass Specialists Inc. can fulfill your glass and mirror needs.