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A Glass Shower Surround Enhances Your Bathroom With Clarity and Style

A great way to inject some excitement, creativity, and freshness into your home is to consider remodeling your bathroom. However, a remodel is a commitment and if you’re unsure about what you want it can be hard to move forward. One way to get the excitement of a remodel without the extra fees, is updating or installing a glass shower surround.
A standard or boring shower can leave you unsatisfied and wishing for more. By contrast, an enclosed glass shower, also known as glass shower surround, might bring some sparkle your bathroom’s missing. Opening up your space and embracing a more modern look can help guarantee that you're satisfied with your shower and excited about enjoying it for years to come.
Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of installing a glass shower surround. Keeping these positives in mind can give you the confidence to enjoy your upgrades and can help guarantee that you're never left wondering about what might have been.

Design Flexibility

Fiberglass or tile shower enclosures can create a substantial challenge as you attempt to create a certain look for your bathroom. Opting to install one of these more standard surrounds means committing yourself to a certain look or tone that might limit your color scheme and other design elements.
A glass shower enclosure keeps your bathroom open to future changes and also gives you the excitement of a remodel, but without the work. These glass shower enclosures also help you avoid pouring unnecessary money into a remodel you won’t love.
Glass shower surrounds can be made to fit any aesthetic. Whether you want to pursue a modern, sleek, futuristic look or you have an interest in a more rustic appeal, your glass shower can fit in seamlessly with your overall design. A glass shower can give your bathroom an understated look that will impress everyone who gets to enjoy it.

Easier Cleaning

Keeping your bathroom free of mold, germs, and other contaminants can feel like a difficult battle that’s impossible to triumph over. Perpetually wet shower curtains and excessively porous tile and grout may offer attractive places for these contaminants to hide.
Installing a glass shower enclosure gives you the opportunity to enjoy a far simpler upkeep because glass cleaning products can wipe away any trace of residue and leave you with a shining, sparkling surface.
Glass also won't absorb water allowing for a more thorough draining. A dry shower is more likely to be a clean shower, and wiping away water spots and fingerprints from the glass is a much easier task than scrubbing hard edges.


The ability of your glass shower enclosure to blend in with all of your future aesthetics and design choices isn't the only positive that comes from a glass shower surround. Making the investment in upgrading your bathroom means that you need to be able to trust the fixtures you install, and your glass enclosure will live up to your expectations.
As opposed to other materials which may become brittle over time, your glass enclosure will maintain a high degree of resilience. A strong, tough, and permanent enclosure can help guarantee you won't be stuck with regular repairs. Glass shower surrounds are a wise choice if you’re doubting your design aesthetic, long for an easier cleaning routine, and want an enjoyable, and durable shower that will last.
The professionals at Monterey Glass Specialists have all of the skills and experience necessary to install an impressive glass shower enclosure in your home. Leaning on these skilled craftsmen can help guarantee that you will enjoy either a shower remodeling, or installation project that's thorough, professional and up to all of your expectations.