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Custom Glass and Construction Options to Consider for Your Shower

Modern Style Bathroom
Glass is a premium material for enclosing a walk-in shower. Glass is also the most popular choice. However, you have many options when you choose glass for your shower. Consider allowing the construction of your shower to drive your choice in glass for the enclosure.

Standard Glass Enclosure and Rainfall Showerhead

A continuing trend in showers is the rain showerhead. With these showerheads, the water accumulates in the oversized showerhead. Tapered nozzles let the water trickle down in a gentle fall, like rain, instead of the pressurized jets of a traditional showerhead. Rainfall showerheads can be installed on the wall or in the ceiling.
Rain showerheads are popular with tropical-style bathroom designs because of the natural feel of the shower. For that reason, consider a standard glass enclosure. Standard bathroom glass, whether installed framed or frameless, features a slight green tinge from the iron in the silica. The green undertone will enhance the tropical ambience of your shower.

HD Glass and Custom Tile

Manufacturers lower the iron content in the silica when they make HD glass, which results in a crystal-clear transparency. While HD glass can be more expensive than traditional clear glass, many homeowners prefer the seamless transition between spaces. With HD glass, the shower stall will seem to disappear, especially if you choose a frameless construction.
Because HD glass is so transparent, your shower surround will be on display. Therefore, consider a custom tile job. Porcelain and ceramic are the most popular options. However, you can also add glass tiles for increased shine — glass tiles glisten even when dry. For an upscale surround, consider marble tiles.

Steam Shower Generator and Transom Casement Window

A steam shower generator is a relatively easy addition by itself. Contractors install a steam generator near the stall that you operate with digital controls within the stall itself. The shower has to be adapted with extra waterproofing as well as a watertight glass shower enclosure. To that end, you'll need a framed construction for a steam shower.
A popular addition to the shower enclosure of a steam shower is the transom casement window. Transom windows are located just above a door or window. In this case, the casement-style window is incorporated into the stall itself. You can open the short, wide window above the shower door to let the steam out.

Frosted Glass and Japanese Soaking Tub

Some homeowners choose to locate all their bathing installations behind a glass wall. Called a wet room, this space usually features a soaking tub and a separate shower. Because it's located behind the glass wall, the shower often doesn't feature its own enclosure. Wet rooms are often expansive, but you can condense the room if you tuck a narrow Japanese soaking tub into a corner.
If you want privacy while you're soaking in your tub, consider having the contractors install a sheet of frosted glass. The door and the rest of the glass wall can be clear if you'd like. However, the sheet of frosted glass can act as a semi-transparent screen for your soaking tub. The glass will still reflect light and let it into the wet room while affording you privacy.

Etched Glass and Built-in Shower Bench

Shower benches aren't a new trend, but they're becoming a classic addition for walk-in showers. Shower benches afford you a space for sitting during grooming tasks or even relaxing in your shower. Such a bench is essential for a steam shower, but built-in benches are popular with almost any walk-in shower construction.
Etched glass is another method for affording you privacy in the shower. Typically, consisting of pictures or designs, etched glass is often more transparent than frosted glass. Just as you might tuck a soaking tub behind frosted glass, you can have the contractors install etched glass to shield your shower bench.
Combine your choice in custom glass with the specific construction of your shower for a cohesive effect. The glass experts at Monterey Glass Specialists Inc. produce a product that's specialized for your bathroom.