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5 Chic Glass Additions for Your Empty-Nester Home

Picture of a clean bathroom with shower with glass doors
When your children move on with their lives, you're naturally very happy for them — they're off to new adventures. But you may also be sad, as they're also leaving you behind. You may be feeling the poignant pangs of empty-nest syndrome.

Many people in this situation remodel their homes or even move to new ones to distract from the empty home. As you're planning your new décor, think about ways you can add glass to your remodel. After all, you won't have to worry as much about children's fingerprints or the breakability of your items.

1. Glass Display Case
When the children were around, you may have hesitated to display small or breakable items. Well, now you can dust off those curios and display them in their own case. You can either convert built-in shelves or design a freestanding piece.

Before you start making a plan, consider what items you want to display. For instance, you may have oversized ornaments you want to include. Since you're custom-designing the case, you can devise the shelves to accommodate them. Likewise, think about whether you want an all-glass case or if you want a wooden framework. Finally, don't forget to add lighting to illuminate your curios.

2. Custom Glass Dining Room Table
One of the more chic additions to any dining room is a table with a glass top. Such a table may have seemed impractical with children in the house. Well, now's the time to embrace the sophistication.

You can choose from a wide array of prefabricated dining room tables. Conversely, you can design your own by choosing the pedestal, glass sheet, and glass edging. For example, you can top an architectural pedestal with patterned glass finished with pencil edging. Browse pictures of custom tables to gain inspiration.

3. Wet Bar
With the children off on their own, you can more freely indulge in some adult beverages. Indeed, it's time to devise a space for crafting cocktails. And, in the same way a glass-topped table is chic, so is a wet bar that incorporates a lot of glass.

As part of your wet bar, you'll need shelving for glassware. You have different options for the cabinetry, but consider an open-plan with glass shelving. Such a wet bar will look sleek. If you want to enclose the interior, add glass-fronted doors.

You can also consider replacing a traditional countertop with heavy-duty glass. Not only is such a countertop elegant, but it's also easy to clean because glass offers a non-porous surface.

4. Glass Shower Door
One of the renovations you're likely to make is converting the children's bathroom into a guest bathroom. When the children were in residence, you probably had a shower curtain because it was easier and more budget-friendly. Now, you can upgrade to a glass shower door.

For a shower and tub combination, the contractors need to add a framework for the door to slide along. Conversely, you could opt for a hinged door, which would be frameless. Either way, a big benefit of a glass shower door is it stays clean. That benefit is ideal since a guest bathroom probably sees less use than a family bathroom.

5. Oversized Picture Window
When the children were little, you were probably always worrying about a window getting shattered thanks to rough-housing or a stray ball. Therefore, you may have stayed away from picture windows, especially large ones.

If you have a gorgeous view, though, consider enlarging an existing window. While picture windows are common in the living room, any room can benefit from the added light and picturesque views. In fact, consider both carefully as you devise where your oversized picture window should go.

One of the ways you can combat empty-nest syndrome is by making over your home with more adult choices. Add glass to your décor to give your rooms a sophisticated ambience. Monterey Glass Specialists Inc. can help you with your custom glass needs.